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I n t r o d u c t i o n    t o    M o b    J u s t i c e


Welcome to the world of Mob Justice where deals are made over the barrel of a gun, the rich flaunt the law while the poor break it and the world as you know it has been forever changed by the events of the past.

The year is our own but the world is quite different. Prohibition in America has continued long after it should have ended, allowing mobsters to seize the senate and the President by their collective throat. The unsuspecting law enforcement agencies try to control a world where law is merely an ideal in the minds of the deluded. 

America is a country riddled with Mobsters, from the Italians running the Major towns and cities, not to mention parts of the government, to the Mexicans and Chinese on the west coast, supplying drugs to a needy and addicted underground. Minor factions vie for control of rackets and towns across the country creating a constant atmosphere of conflict and death. 

The law agencies: Prohibition Unit, FBI, CIA, DEA and the police try to maintain some vestige of control over the increasingly law breaking populace, whilst fighting the corruption rife within their own organisations. 

The average Joe on the street goes about his daily job never knowing that his fate is not decided by those he perceives to be in power. They try to earn their keep, raise a family in a world where family has more than one meaning, never realizing that their humdrum jobs sponsor the very organisation that threatens their existence. 

Prohibitionists blindly wave their banners, declaring the ‘Great Experiment’ as a success, sending their missionaries far and wide to preach to the masses, unaware that they are part of a grander scheme. 

A few fight the tide of corruption and crime, a few truly good souls shining in the light, and slowly the population is waking up to the fact that something is not quite right with the world they now inhabit. A war is coming; it’s time to choose a side.

M  O  B       J  U  S T  I  C  E
You’re Family

The Skinny 
The rain falls heavier in the streets nowadays. Couples splash through the puddles, winding their wicked way to the speakeasies that cover every town, city and state like a teenager’s acne. Gangsters and politicians rub shoulders in the dark recesses of fashionable bars, passing notes under the table like naughty school children. The lives of millions decided on the back of a napkin. The moral folk, the good folk, the ‘dry’ folk stay locked up at night, fearful of everything and everyone. Still it rains. Heavy plodding rain. Nature trying to rub America off the map drop by drop, ashamed of what has become of a once grand nation.

The American dream has become a nightmare; the rich safe in their opulence and luxury, the poors’ only succor an illegal drink in the cockroach infested havens of vice and poisonous liquor. The prohibition advocates, the ‘drys’, deify their ‘Great Experiment’ as the first step of a truly civilized society, blind to the corruption that runs through every facet of life because, not despite of it. They would take their experiment further, beyond rational thought and the realms of more reasonable men, into the lowly depths of fundamentalist belief. 

This is America now: a once proud country ruled by the gangs that profit daily from the common man’s desire to have a drink. The politicians jump on the prohibition bandwagon for fear of being left behind, abandoning their morale rectitude and principals on the road as they scramble onboard. A few fight. Trying to make their way through the dark night, shining beacons of what could be should Americans stand for what they know is right. That path is hard however. Temptation, round every corner. The law men, politicians and private dicks trying to stem the tide, end up merely inconveniencing the flow with their bodies. 

But not all is lost. The government will come to its senses, guided by the people’s voice, its intention to do good and of course large numbers of ‘donations’. The lobbies and corporations are truly powerful entities, supplying money to political causes in return for favours. Corruption has fast become the overriding rule of law, and whilst numerous small fry fight for a senator’s seat their, a white house position here, the big boys play for higher stakes, winner takes all. The Laconi Corporation and its rivals vie for pride of place in the government field of view and for now the former obscures the later. 

There was a time when men stood up for what they believed in. Now they are cowed, the yoke of the past forever strung round their neck as they graze away for Laconi’s profit and amusement. Laconi is the supplier of everything from trains to washing machines to clothes to food, no one is left untouched by its influence. The ignorant say they are the problem, that Laconi is to blame for Americas current situation, but those in the know say different. In dark rooms, and dank corners a revolution is being planned, to stop the gang wars, to bring down the government, to end the madness once and for all by removing the one thing supporting it all. Prohibition! 





Mob Justice: 160 pages, Print (US letter) and PDF.
As members of one of these criminal organisations, players will balance their loyalties to the mob against their loyalties to those close to them, all the while trying to better their own position within their respective gangs. Vast criminal empires can be created, but the bigger your network and the more important you become, the harder you must work to maintain your position.

Mob Justice makes honour, loyalty, connections and enemies key to the characters and story, setting up exciting and rewarding games of criminality, corruption, betrayal and friendship.

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