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The Lostfinders Guide to Mire End is the first of a  series of supplements to be released for the a/state RPG. Inside you'll find loads of brand new source material including new Organisations, Personalities, Adventure Nuggets, a fully detailed map of Mire End and a whole host of new Highlighted Locations.

W e l c o m e    t o    M i r e    E n d . . .

Come wander down the flooded lanes and dank alleys of Mire End. 
Meet the people and organisations who inhabit this impoverished, benighted burgh. 

Meet Father Guy Herbert, disgraced but honest priest of 
The Third Church of God The Architect and saviour of lost children....

Shoot the breeze with Carnelian Yet, political activist for hire and man of one thousand slogans...

Browse the cluttered, labyrinthine pawn shop of Emmanuel Detseted 
and search for that special little something...

Twist, turn and watch out over your shoulder in the barrios and shanties of Redberry Park...

Come face to face with the psychotic, drug-addled, amoral killer children of Wastrels Lot....

Tap into the sources and archives of that 
paragon of local journalistic virtue, The Mire End Tribune...

With a full map of Mire End and a host of useful information crammed into its pages,
 the Lostfinders Guide To Mire End is a valuable addition to the world of The City.

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