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The Collective Endeavour Journal is a small press 'magazine' that brings together articles, adventures and supplements for some of the hottest games to come out of the UK in the past few years: Hot War, 3:16, Solipsist, Duty & Honour, Mob Justice, Dead of Night and Contenders. It also includes a fully playable quick start ruleset for Pulp! A skirmish wargame of two-fisted action.

The Journal is an 88 page 6"x9" book that is available in print and PDF. The print version is available for £6 here from Lulu.com, whilst the PDF version is available for free.

Here is a breakdown of the Journal's contents:

Hot War - SALISBURY PLAIN, gets a write up and some of London’s villains get covered in FIRMS & HATCHETMEN.

Solipsist - SHADOW MASTERY gives GMs some ideas to help make Shadow manifestations that bit more creepy.

3:16 - New weapons! New objectives! New aliens! New planets! DISPOSABLE HEROES has it all.

Duty & Honour - I DEMAND SATISFACTION introduces players and GMs to the wonderful world of duelling, with new mechanics, traits and NPCs.

Pulp! - DIRK HEMLOCK AND THE BLACKFEL INCIDENT is a quickstart scenario for Pulp! – a miniatures game of two-fisted action!

Dead of Night - Two Fright Sheets to help your games get going - QUARRY HILL BUNKER and GARTWOOD ROYAL HOSPITAL.

Contenders - Use everyone’s favourite boxing game either to tell stories about Wargamers with TOY SOLDIERS, or as a campaign framework for any wargame with PRETENDERS.

Mob Justice - An ideal starting scenario is presented in BROTHERS IN ARMS.


The Collective Endeavour is a group of small-press publishers. We all got together a couple of years ago to pool our resources, our knowledge and to offer each other advice about the process of taking a game from vague idea to published book. We share a website, mainly a forum for fresh ideas. If you want to discuss any of the games mentioned here, or if you want to know more about any of them, came along to www.collective-endeavour.com and have a look.






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