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R e s o u r c e s 

Here follows links to web pages and documents which may be of interest in relation to the topics covered by Hot War. 
If you have any links you think we should have here, then please feel free to email us. We'll update this page when we find new stuff to add.

General Resources

ALSOS Digital Library for Nuclear Issues

Atomic Weapons Establishment

Cold War International History Project

Fictional Cities

Peter Watkins, creator of 'The War Game'

Royal Navy Patrol Vessels & Fast Attack Craft

The Virtual Nuclear Tourist

The photography of Edward Burtynsky

UK Civil Defence & Preparedness

Protect & Survive - Civil Defence Literature

The Civil Defence Corps

Struggle for Survival


Derelict London

Exploring 20th Century London.

London Underground map, 1960 

Mail Rail - The Post Office underground railway

Underground History - Disused stations on the London Underground

Southern England

The Palmerston Forts Society

Southend-on-Sea: Past & Present

Secret Bunkers & Underground Places

Nettleden, looking at the Burlington Bunker 

Secret Underground Cities

Subterranea Britannica

Underground Kent