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A c t u a l    P l a y

One of the best ways to get a feel of what you can expect with Hot War is through others play experiences. Here we present actual play threads from a variety of sources. Thanks to all those who have taken the time to post about their games.


Actual Play

The Tavern Game by Dom Mooney

A game at Gamewang! by Malcolm Craig

Sophie Melchior and Hot War at Fright Night 08

'Against the French': Warren and friends kick off their HBO-styled game

Douchebags End of the World at Gen Con Indy 2008 by Joshua A. C. Newman

The Law of Supply & Demand by James Mullen

Episode1: Supper With The Devil

Episode 2: No Smoke Without Fire

Episode 3: Going Nuclear

The Indie Edinburgh Game byMalcolm Craig et al


Using Hot War For Other Games

Some thoughts on using Hot War to run games of a|state

Rich Stokes uses Hot War to run Vampire: The Masquerade*: Discussion and Amendments to Hot War

Gary Bowerbank uses Hot War to run a highly successful Delta Green**


Playtest Reports

Playtesting by Neil Gow

Shevaun Frazier's first playtest

Game creation playtest, Malcolm Craig

'Battersea' playtest, play session 1, Malcolm Craig

'Battersea' playtest, play session 2, Malcolm Craig The game also receives discussion over at Story Games.

'Battersea' playtest, play session 3, Malcolm Craig

Playtest by Steve Dempsey at SteveCon, sadly interrupted by food poisoning

The Clapham Massive set about playtesting with a vengeance

Chris Bennett runs a playtest in Oakland