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‘Ghostfighter’ is the first in a series of character supplements for the a|state RPG. Each PDF supplement will take take an in-depth look at the culture, philosophy, ethos and equipment of a particular career in The City.

Within the 32 pages of ‘Ghostfighter’, you’ll find:

Exclusive fighting styles for Ghostfighters

New Advantages and Disadvantages

Stylish weapons and useful gear

Background information, contacts, culture and hang-outs

5 ready-to-use Ghostfighter templates

Famous Ghostfighters including Jane Card

All with the same high production values that you associate with Contested Ground Studios print products.

Featuring internal art by Paul Bourne and character illustrations by Gregor Hutton, ‘Ghostfighter’ takes you deep into the world of these lethal practitioners of the martial arts.

‘Ghostfighter’: It’s not a profession, it’s a way of life.

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