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A c t u a l    P l a y 

One of the best ways to get a feel of what you can expect with Cold City is through others play experiences. Here we present actual play threads from a variety of sources. Thanks to all those who have taken the time to post about their games.


Actual Play for Cold City v1.1

Steve Ellis uses Cold City to play some Battlestar Galactica

Cold City at Dragonmeet 2008 by Pete

Patrick at RPGdiehard has a one-shot and has a realisation


Actual Play for Cold City v1.0

All That You Leave Behind (Andrew Kenrick)

 First Session of Cold City (Sam Vail)

GenCon 2006 After Hours Game (Malcolm Craig)

In the Dirty Jersey (Kevin Allen Jr)

Kammergericht Nights (Doug Pirko)

Love Will Tear Us Apart (Malcolm Craig)

Operation: Holle-Kehle (Jason Morningstar)

Operation Violine, convention play, Warpcon 2007 (Malcolm Craig)

The Pitch (Cold City from the players point of view)

Project Flakturm, convention play, MACE 2006 (Jason Morningstar)

Setting Them Up (Steve Dempsey)

Two different versions of Prisoner #8, here and here.

Edinburgh University Freshers Week One-shot (Shevaun Frasier)

A Couple of Test Sessions (Sami Koppenen)


Sons of Kryos Podcast Actual Play. Those redoubtable chaps at Sons of Kryos recorded a game of Cold City and will be putting it up for download in 30 minute segments.

      1st AP Podcast

      2nd AP Podcast

      3rd AP Podcast