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A major addition to the world of The City, this upcoming supplement for the a|state RPG adds more depth,
 colour and mystery to the dark urban environment presented in the main rulebook...

Be cared for, healed and tended to in the vast wards of the Eastern General Infirmary, 
or perhaps you might not be so lucky...

Scrape a living or perhaps hit upon that big find that will set you up for life in the trenches and pits of Machine Quarry...

Feel the power of God and the pain of penitence in the hallowed stone halls 
and echoing corridors of The Harrow...

Listen to the constant clanging of metal on metal and the screech of machines 
in the frenetic atmosphere of Hammerman Wynds...

Learn more about the weather that shapes people's lives, the education practices that can determine their place in society 
and the laws which say who lives, dies or ends up languishing in prison...

'Avenues & Alleyways' features over 30 new areas of The City and comprehensive new background essays.


List of brand new city areas to explore:


Coldbath Fell
Crouch Lanes
George's Towers
Grime Rain Stacks
Hammerman Wynds
Lunatic Bend
Nothing Gate
The Rookery
Skank Hill
Sleeping Vale
Sullen Cut

Industrial Areas

The Bone Factories
The Commune
DarkCross Railway Yards
Machine Quarry
Reeking Street Gasworks
Notable Buildings

Eastern General Infirmary
The Grand Emporium
The Harrow
The Library
The Lighthouse
Punchlake Power Station
Soulsgate Debtors Prison
The Water Fort
Other Areas

Central Park
The Foundations
The Hub
Trench Locks

Avenues & Alleyways: 112 pages, Print (US letter) and PDF.

Welcome to more of The City...

The print version is priced at $26 and is available here from Indie Press Revolution

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The PDF version is priced at $15 and is available at Indie Press Revolution

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